Sunday, 17 March 2013


BYD Lofts. Near the entrance to Andaman Beach Suites. Very modern décor and great food. Run by the same people who used to own Baan Yin Dee. Party nights on Fridays and they have fab accommodation too.

Barbecue Hut on 200 year road. On your way out of town toward Karon/Kata, lefthandside about 150 meters before you make the left toward Karon/Kata. I had some great Mexican food, the guy sitting next to me had a MASSIVE plate of barbecued ribs that looked and smelled great. Also on the menu were some stupendous hamburgers, which I will have next time.

Pan Yaah - its on the road out of Patong along the beach, not far north of the Novotel. Open air dining, I love their crab in the shell, good Thai food.

Tip Top / Andre in Patong

Ta be Ta - Sushi bar on Rat U Thit Road - near Christin Massage, excellent tuna

6 and DANG (next to each other) on the main street a few doors up from bangla. Both have exellent thai food and nice service. Noisy place right on the street is the only drawback. good food and prices make it worth it though.

Two Black Sheep on Rat-U-Thit Road just across from Soi Paradise. Good place for music at night, run buy Kiwi Bill a good gent who runs a good ship. No bar girls employed. Full menu of meateater food and real NZ Lamb and Beef. Stocks real Victoria Bitter and presents and honest pour. Good Place and Good people to chat with or watch some sports. Open 10am to 2 am. Good feed for breakfast!

Sam's steakhouse at the holiday inn

Todai (end of Beach Rd, Patong) - Fab sushi, better than Zen, and cheaper, cute little booths for privacy, offer on wine at mo 580 for very decent bottle of red.

Dubai ( Rat-U-Thit, Patong) - No 2 rest better than No1. Really great hummous and flat bread.

La Boucherie ( Sawadirak, Patong) - THE Best steak I ever tasted here! 490bht
Cooked to perfection, proper salad, and whatever pots you fancy! Yum

You could also try the Danish restaurant Runde Taarn just off Soi Bangle in Soi Patong Resort, good Danish food and Thai

Sharkys bar in Patong, the sandwiches are very tasty there.

Papa Joe's. Their pizza is GREAT. By any standard. Located on Rat-U-Thit behind Charoen Optical, about 200 ms from Bangla towards Soinamien. Not much of a venue, but... yummy. Try the Italian sausage w/bell peppers.

The Roadhouse which is on the hill to Karon if you coming from Patong. Its on the left side, still before Simon's caberet. Its run by a south african couple. A large 300 gram new zealand steak for 150TH. Baby back ribs, burgers, etc all very cheap. Chang beer bottle 40 BTH. They also have pool and darts. The food was great as well as the staff. You should really check it out.

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