Sunday, 17 March 2013

Surin Beach / Laguna

TWO BROTHERS restaurant right on Surin Beach. Run by a great guy named Bow as in Ow!

"The bakery" at Canal Village in Laguna. As some of you probably know, this is a small little stand-alone cafe serving excellent cuisine off of a limited menu (kitchen's not that big!) and the pizza is easily some of the best I have ever experienced. As a native of a very Italian "suburb" of Boston and a former resident in Italy for 3 yrs, I can say that without a doubt it is "world class". I am not sure but would expect that the pizza at the main
Sheraton Laguna restaurant would be equally good with same recipe, equipment, etc but don't know frankly because have never dined there. Just be aware that the Canal Village cafe is only open til 6pm daily so don't plan a dinner there (maybe a good reason to go to the Sheraton resto). By the way, excellent cappucinos and FREE WiFi internet access are also good reasons why I go there (although I got addicted to their pizza long before the WiFi started).

Silk Restaurant in Surin - expensive, but absolutely magic place to be

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